Matthew Robinson

Partner and Solicitor – Accredited Specialist (Employment & Industrial Law – NSW)

Matthew is a Partner and award-winning Solicitor with Citation Legal. Based in our Sydney office, he has been advising clients on industrial relations and employment matters for almost twenty-five years. He is an accredited specialist in employment and industrial law. An experienced litigator, he has special expertise in assisting clients operating in the manufacturing sector.

Matthew says, “As I see it, understanding legal concepts in industrial relations is just one part of what you need to be a good employment lawyer. When I work with clients, I place a great deal of emphasis on understanding their business and their goals. In my team, our focus is always on developing bespoke industrial relations strategies that meet clients’ needs.”

Over the years, Matthew has developed special expertise across numerous industry sectors including but not limited to professional services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, transport and manufacturing. Matthew is often called on to solve to highly complex matters. He has an extensive network of contacts in numerous ancillary services to allow him to lead integrated teams to provide clients with a broad-based solution to their situation and not just apply a narrow legal fix.

“I enjoy working at Citation Legal because it is not a law firm in the traditional sense. Clients today often have highly complex and dynamic industrial and employment problems that need fixing, and it is important to understand that the law is just one of the tools at their disposal; it may not even be the best one.”

At Citation Legal, Matthew specialises in:

  • Providing strategic advice on various labour structures, bargaining strategies, along with recommendation on their strengths, weaknesses and implementation.
  • Negotiating and drafting employment contracts, policies, enterprise agreements and individual statutory agreements.
  • Breaches of restraints of trade confidentiality and intellectual property protection.
  • Managing and mitigating lawful or unlawful industrial action and picketing.
  • Managing termination of employment cases.
  • Leading underpayment analysis, financial modelling and rectification processes.
  • Defending breach of contract and wage or entitlement claims.
  • Advising on corporate restructures, redundancies, and transfer of business and industrial instruments.
  • Proactive and reactive defences to discrimination, general protections along with bullying and harassment issues.


  • Bachelor of Science (Macquarie University).
  • Bachelor of Laws (Macquarie University).
  • Accredited Specialist (Employment & Industrial Law).