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What is ISO 55001?

The international standard ISO 55001 serves as the gold standard for effective asset management. It offers a framework for setting up, implementing, maintaining, and improving an effective asset management system. For businesses looking to improve their competency-based approach to managing various types of assets, this standard is essential.

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Why Citation Certification?

Citation Certification will bring over 30 years of experience through the merging of Best Practice Certification and QMS Certification Services – two of Australia’s most respected accredited certification bodies. This proven track record in JAS-ANZ accredited certification services sets up Citation Certification to be your trusted partner on the road to ISO 55001 certification.

Maintaining a simple and effective approach, our continued commitment to business excellence and in-depth understanding of management system standards set us apart from the rest.

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve their strategic goals – think of us as your Business Pit Crew – we’re there for you at the ready to support you on your journey to success. And. we’re all about making the whole process simple and hassle-free.

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The Citation Certification difference

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Prepare your ISO 55001 management system

If you are implementing an ISO 55001 Asset Management System (AMS) in your organisation and you’re preparing your organisation for an external audit, our ISO 55001 Gap Analysis Checklist will give you the list of items you need to prepare.

The first step in implementing an ISO management system in your organisation is to identify the gaps by comparing your current management systems with the ISO 55001:2014 requirements.

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ISO 55001 asset management systems certification is an international standard that offers businesses a structured framework for creating, implementing, maintaining, and improving a productive asset management system. It directs the strategic management of resources throughout their lifecycle, maximising their use and assisting in the success of the organisation.

Asset management certification demonstrates excellence against ISO 55001. Optimised financial performance, efficient management of various assets, compliance with international standards, the development of certified practitioners within the organisation, and a structured approach to continuous improvement, which promotes long-term success, and professional development are some of the advantages.

Before your business can be certified and go through the audit process by a certification body, your system must satisfy the prerequisites. The steps for developing your management system for certification are described here.

  1. Recognise the purpose of ISO 55001. Read the standard and become familiar with the terminology.
  2. Understand the specifications outlined in ISO 55001. Create your management system in accordance with the guidelines.
  3. Analyse your gaps to determine your level of certification readiness. This will draw attention to any areas that require additional development. View our ISO 55001 PDF Gap Analysis Checklist by clicking here.
  4. Take part in the certification process. To make sure your company is in compliance with ISO 55001, we will need to evaluate it using best practices. Visit this page for more details on the procedure.

ISO certifications such as 55001 is crucial for businesses looking for an in-depth understanding of the possibilities, risks and liabilities connected to their managed assets. The entire asset life cycle, from installation to decommissioning, must be taken into account. Depending on the industry, compliance might be mandated by law. Organisations with a thorough understanding of financial and asset risks are frequently preferred by stakeholders. ISO 55001 certification Australia not only satisfies the requirements for tender submission, but also demonstrates your capacity to manage assets sustainably, recognise potential opportunities, and reduce risks to your bottom line.

It was first released in January 2014, and the most recent update to the scheme arrived in July 2014.

ISO 55001:2014 is the internationally recognised asset management standard created by the International Organisation for Standardisation, with no modifications made for the Australian regulatory system. It is a member of the ISO 55000 family of standards, which were created to raise the level of asset management in all organisations.

The cost of evaluating your management system in accordance with ISO 55001:2014 requirements can vary.

The certification market is strictly regulated. Before we can give you a quote, we need to understand your company’s size, locations, and scope of operations in order to meet our regulated requirements.

We offer transparent, all-inclusive pricing. There are no hidden reporting or preparation fees.

We take the time to understand your company’s operations and goals, supporting your business on its compliance journey.

The team at Citation Certification go above and beyond certification – we offer you dedicated support services such as training, webinars, additional resources and materials from our Group of companies that provide workplace compliance solutions.

We are upfront and transparent – we provide all-inclusive pricing and there are no hidden costs like reporting or preparation fees.

After being approved for ISO 55001 certification, your certification is valid for three years. Regular surveillance audits are required to maintain your certification and keep it valid.

This only applies to certifications issued by the International Accreditation Forum.

Your current ISO 55001 certification can be seamlessly transferred to Citation Certification. We’ll keep up with your existing certification schedule; get in touch with us for a cost estimate without commitment.

Essentially, ISO certification is a written assurance that a particular product, process, system, or even a person meets the requirements of ISO. This assurance is given by a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) that are accredited by JAS-ANZ.

Citation Certification, formally Best Practice and QMS Certification Services, is becoming accredited by the JAS-ANZ accreditation body and is proud to offer Certification to the ISO 55001 Asset Management System Certification Australia via electronic audits or with in-house consultations to streamline the certification process.