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Our course list spans across the full spectrum of workplace compliance, safety and relevant business and professional development topics. There’s always something new, and there’s always something to learn. Our online courses are the perfect way to support your existing compliance measures and strengthen your team’s development. View our full course list here.

Compliance can be fun

Compliance. It’s a word that often sends people to sleep, and as workplace compliance experts, we’re not going to lie –this breaks our hearts – but what if we told you compliance can be fun? No really. Our courses are interactive, aesthetically pleasing, share snackable pieces of information in simple language, all designed to be completed quickly.

Got questions? We’ve answered the most common below

Compliance training is a process where managers, employees, and other essential staff within a business learn critical information about rules, regulations, legislation or proper workplace conduct. This can range from Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and the National Employment Standards (NES) to sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and toxic workplace culture.

Regardless of size or industry, there are several rules and regulations that businesses must comply with including Work Health and Safety, Equal Opportunity, and anti-discrimination and sexual harassment requirements. For businesses to be compliant with these laws, employers must ensure their employees understand their obligations and are trained in these areas before being able to carry out their duties.

Online training enables businesses to deliver targeted training to various audience groups in a very quick and effective way. By delivering training in small and manageable modules, training can be undertaken at times which does not impact the operations of the organisation and in a way which promotes team members understanding of the content and learning objectives.

Absolutely. In many cases the legislation places a positive duty upon employers to put in place measures to address statutory requirements. It follows that an employer may be required to prove what steps they have taken to comply with that positive duty. Educating team members through the compliance training is the first step in complying with the positive duty, and it’s simple to identify which employees have satisfactorily completed the training if required to do so in future.

Yes, we do. Our Compliance Training Centre is a hub that houses everything a business needs to roll out, manage, and track compliance training. Its seamless, user-friendly software is home to more than 30+ courses covering the essentials of compliance for a business catering towards every level from executive to employee.

Compliance training is critical for every business regardless of size or industry, it ensures that everyone from managers to employees understands the rules, regulations, and legislation that governs workplaces across the country. Compliance training is even more critical for small businesses as they have a smaller employee base than large businesses but legislation and compliance requirements remain the same regardless.

The courses inside of the platform have been designed for various end users; from employees and people managers to safety officers. The course topics are diverse and span across the full spectrum of workplace relations, safety, and business. All have been designed to enhance your people’s knowledge and keep ahead of compliance obligations. View our full course list here.

It is included in the price of the subscription for all clients who have joined Citation HR from 1 April 2024.

For our valued clients prior to that date we would love to support the training and development of your team. Please contact us for a conversation on how you can access our Compliance Training Centre for a small variation to your subscription terms.