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Prepared and developed by seasoned professionals at Citation Legal you can rest easy knowing that every resource has been checked and vetted by accredited specialist lawyers – we don’t just set and forget. Our team know the shelves of our library inside out, and with their knowledge can help you with any document you need.


HR templates and resources that live inside our industry-leading HR software

Whether you’re looking for an employee handbook template or specific HR policies and procedures, our library of resources has everything business owners might need to reach for at a moment’s notice.

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The power of the Cloud means that our clients can access HR templates whenever they need to, wherever they happen to be. So, regardless if you’re in the office or working remotely, it’s always easy to find what you need when you need it.

Customisable to suit your needs

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to crucial HR policies and procedures, so we’ve made our wealth of legal IP completely customisable to meet your business’s needs – and our experts are always on hand to ensure you don’t make a change that leaves you open to risk. And while we know we’ve got hundreds of individual resources ready to go, our team is on hand to create unique, purpose-built should you need them.

Got questions? We’ve answered the most common below

Managing your people is a huge task and takes a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get it done right. There are HR resources for every stage of the employee lifecycle from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and termination. An employer needs to be prepared for any situation and having immediate, unlimited access to HR templates, policies, procedures, checklists, workflows, guides, and tools can make all the difference in how well you manage your people.

Checklists, workflows, guides, contracts, templates, policies, procedures, and tools that are specifically designed for everyone from small business owners to large HR teams in Australian businesses to perfect their people management, employment relationships, and company culture.

Australia has some of the strictest and most comprehensive workplace relations laws governing workplaces across the country, and business owners must ensure they’re compliant with these laws and that includes ensuring HR policies exist to prevent discrimination, promote equal employment opportunity, and outline workplace grievance processes.

Some of the most common HR templates Australian business owners should implement are:
• Bullying, harassment, and discrimination policies;
• Code of conduct policy;
• Drugs and alcohol policy;
• Leave policies including paid time off, sick leave etc.;
• Grievance procedures;
• Performance counselling and discipline policies;
• Conflict of interest policies;
• Internet, email, and social media policies;
• Employee handbook;
• Privacy policies; and
• Dress code policy.

People management refers to the process of managing and leading your staff in the workplace and includes every part of the employee lifecycle from the hiring process to training, evaluating, and developing employees to help them contribute to the success of the organisation while achieving a mutually beneficial employment relationship. Effective people management can help improve productivity, employee satisfaction, company culture, and overall business performance.

In short, yes. Our team of workplace relations consultants can guide your business on how to create an employee benefits scheme that will add value to your work environment – from generating ideas such as health insurance to an EAP service.

All businesses, new and established, should be aware of the HR templates and HR resources available to them – it’s the best way to protect your business and form best-practice HR processes. This is something the team at Citation HR can assist you with.

Citation HR is part of Citation Group – we have a family of businesses that provide a range of workplace compliance solutions to small business and large enterprise clients. The Citation Safety team can advise on workers compensation claims and health and safety.