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New migration laws that recently came into effect mean businesses can now tap into overseas skilled workers – it’s a welcomed solution for many businesses experiencing skills shortages. We can assist your business in in navigating pathways for skilled migrant workers to build a modern workforce while also ensuring you’re obtaining the correct visas for you and your people.

Compliance with Australia’s intricate immigration laws

Australian immigration laws are constantly evolving and without expert help in your corner, complying with these rules and regulations can become tricky. Our years of migration law experience can help you sort through the legal jargon and provide you with current and beneficial legal advice.

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Visas take many forms and with so many different subclasses and temporary or permanent options, it can be difficult to determine which one suits your needs best. Our experienced team consists of corporate immigration lawyers, business immigration lawyers, business migration lawyers, and migration agents. Let us help you navigate the rules and regulations that govern the immigration space and assist you towards obtaining a successful outcome.

Streamline right-to-work checks with our visa-checking software

Whether you need to check your employees’ visa status once or on an ongoing basis, Smart Visa Check is an automated visa-checking service. It will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your business is 100 per cent compliant with the law.

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Business immigration, or corporate immigration as it is more often called, is a labour agreement that allows employers to sponsor skilled workers to fill vacant roles within a business when the usual temporary or permanent visa programs are unsuitable. These visas are often referred to as business innovation and investment visas.

Ranging from provisional visas and sponsored visas to innovation and investment provisional and business investment visas, there are a variety of different types of business visas that are available in Australia. While they’ve all got certain strict criteria and obligations attached to them, they all include a skills assessment that evaluates whether the chosen visa meets the needs of the situation.

The approximate processing time for an Australian business visa application is 14 working days, with 90 per cent of applications processed and resolved within this timeframe.

Australian business visas on average cost $190.00.

The Global Talent Visa program is a permanent visa for prominent individuals whose exceptional talent can raise Australia’s standing in particular fields. Global Talent visas are offered as a migration pathway for individuals with outstanding achievements especially for high-earning individuals in industries that are future-focused.

This visa type allows regionally based employers to address recognised labour shortages within their industry by sponsoring skilled workers where locally-based employees can’t be found or there’s a lack of appropriately trained or suited local workers.