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Industrial disputes happen, and when they do you want the best people behind you to help you resolve it as quickly and carefully as possible. Citation Legal’s team of industrial relations lawyers and experts are specialists in identifying when disputes may occur, how to minimise their impact, and how to resolve them swiftly.

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Whether it’s a threat or real action, our team of industrial relations lawyers at Citation Legal have over 30 years’ of experience in managing industrial action, preventing disruption to a business’s operations, and minimising its overall impact.

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Disputes can happen at any time for virtually any reason, and having experienced negotiators on your side who can mediate and develop a strategy to resolve the situation can help minimise risk and disruption to your business. From assisting you with managing your business’s union relations and advising you on the rights of union and non-union members, our experienced Citation Legal team has all your industrial relations needs covered.

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Our experienced IR lawyers are not only experienced in creating winning strategies and negotiators, but they also have a wealth of knowledge in guiding our clients through the intricacies of industrial action without damage, disruption, or harm. At Citation Legal, we work with you to resolve industrial actions before they disrupt the business’s operations.

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Industrial relations, or more simply, employment relations refer to the complex and intricate relationship between employers and employees, labour and trade unions, employer organisations, and the Government.

Industrial action or job action refers to actions taken by employees to show their dissatisfaction about their working conditions. These actions can take the form of strikes, slowdowns, or working to rule.

A union is an organisation of workers, working together to maintain or improve the conditions of their workplace. This includes achieving better wages, improving overall working conditions, benefits, or safety within the workplace or industry they represent.

An industrial relations lawyer or IR lawyer is a professional that represent and advise employees and organisations in all industries, sectors, and professions on employment law issues and workplace disputes.