Resolving workplace conflict through professional mediation sessions

Whether it’s advice on the mediation process or the parties involved are ready to facilitate communication, our highly skilled nationally accredited mediators can assist businesses to resolve disputes meaningfully and confidentially.

Industry-leading mediation techniques to help resolve disputes

Commencing workplace mediation not only allows those involved in a workplace dispute to identify and share their concerns but to also have access to specialists who can advise, consider, and develop options for resolution.

Conflicts, disputes, disagreements – we’ve seen it all

Sometimes workplace relationships break down, and need expert help to find a resolution. It is incumbent on businesses to take measures to resolve the conflict from a work, health and safety, and workplace law compliance perspective. Our team of accredited mediators have provided mediation support services in respect of a wide variety of disputes including workplace bullying disputes and in respect of general interpersonal conflict.

We can make mediation happen anywhere, anytime

Mediation in the workplace can take many forms, from face-to-face mediations or online mediations.  With the expertise and knowledge of our Citation Legal team behind you, we’ll help you choose the best way to conduct the mediation process and facilitate discussion that will bring the best chance of a meaningful resolution.

Meet our mediation team

Citation Legal has the internal skills, expertise and professional qualifications required to conduct mediation with two accredited mediators, Amanda Curatore and Nicole Visedo. Both Nicole, who is Brisbane-based, and Amanda, who is Melbourne-based, hold national accreditation as mediators with the Australian Mediation Association.

Amanda, who is also a practising lawyer in employment law, and Nicole, who is a Senior Workplace Relations Specialist, bring with them their skills and knowledge of the challenges that can sometimes arise in relationships in the workplace.

Nicole Visedo

Nicole is a Senior Workplace Relations Advisor, a Nationally Accredited Mediator  and is based in our Brisbane office. She has over 18 years’ experience in Human Resources having held several senior HR management roles in both large national and international organisations.

Nicole has a deep experience in acting for large organisations in undertaking analysis of her client’s workforce management and operations, while partnering with senior stakeholders to bring about transformational change in those areas.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business, Psychology, Management & Marketing |Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment | Nationally Accredited Mediator | Currently completing Juris Doctor with expected completion date of November 2022

Amanda Curatore

Amanda Curatore is a qualified Solicitor and Senior Associate at Citation Legal. Based in our Melbourne office, Amanda is highly experienced in providing workplace relations advice and assistance to clients in a wide range of matters.

Amanda’s areas of expertise are:

  • Employment contracts
  • Modern award interpretation
  • Performance management
  • Bullying & harassment
  • Terminations
  • Unfair dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Risk management

Qualifications: BA LLB, Grad. Dip Leg Prac


Got burning questions? We’ve got answers

Workplace mediation is a voluntary, informal, and confidential meeting facilitated by external professionals to find and agree to a resolution between two or more parties who are engaged in a workplace conflict. This tool is often used by businesses as a way of managing disputes in an impartial, just, and fair way.

The role of a workplace mediator is to facilitate communication and discussion between parties involved in a workplace disagreement. These professionals provide businesses with an impartial expert who follows a structured process to assist with identifying the issue, developing, and considering options for resolution, and ultimately reaching an agreement that satisfies the needs of every person involved in the conflict.

Yes, mediation is a voluntary process that concerned parties participate in to resolve disputes and come to a successful – and beneficial – conflict resolution.