A cost-effective and time-saving tool for Australian businesses

Developed by Citation Legal, we’ve combined the elements of forensic analysis with our expert employment law services to create a comprehensive payroll audit process – PayCheck. If you’re looking for an alternative to other costly and time-consuming services, PayCheck is the solution to mitigating and resolving underpayment risks in your business.

Would your business pass a surprise FWO payroll inspection?

We know that most payroll system errors stem from humans – the smallest of mistakes could result in a significant underpayment of wages – a simple payroll data entry error, a clerk interpreting the wrong award classification, HR missing a legislation change.
And mitigating these mistakes is much easier than you may think. PayCheck is a clever tool plus service that will uncover any issues and advise your business on how to resolve them.
And, because Citation Legal is a law firm, our findings are protected by legal privilege – we will work with your business resolve errors before they turn into large issues with the authorities.

Got burning questions? We’ve got answers

PayCheck’s non-judgemental audit will highlight what needs to be actioned in terms of numbers and figures, as well as how to report your corrections with employees and Government, then we’ll help your business fix its issues so you can get on with what you do best: running your business.

A Notice to Produce Records (NTP) is one of the more serious instruments the FWO may apply. If a person fails to comply with an NTP and/or produce payroll records, a Court may order penalties of up to $13,320 for an individual or $66,600 for a body corporate – per notice, which can multiply and become very costly very quickly.

There are other types of penalty, too. PayCheck can let you know specifically what compliance notices and enforceable undertakings you could potentially face for not correcting your business’s payroll.

In short, no. It’s a good idea to conduct a PayCheck audit to ensure your business is not underpaying employees. Citation Legal will provide advice on whether your salary covers all entitlements, what entitlements have potentially been overlooked, how to manage the back payment processes, and how to enshrine correct payments into your systems and employment contracts.

It’s a good idea to conduct a payroll audit and use our wage underpayment calculator to prove there is no possibility of payroll fraud or deliberately underpaying.

The FWO monitors payroll compliance in any and all Australian businesses. In 2023, a major focus was fast food, restaurants, cafes and agriculture. Even small businesses with less than 10 employees are under the microscope.

Hiring a large accounting firm to audit your payroll then work in collaboration with an external law firm would be slow, costly and inefficient – which is why working with Citation makes so much sense.

PayCheck makes underpayment audits faster, more accessible and integrates the forensic analysis ability of a large accountancy firm with Citation Legal’s in-house expert legal service. Citation Legal can even connect you with outsourced HR provider, Citation HR.

Besides, an audit should indicate whether your business is compliant with the Fair Work Act 2009, and requirements around payroll records, payroll tax, bank statements, tax forms, income tax, rates of pay, tax withholdings, workplace laws and requirements from the Fair Work Ombudsman.