Restructuring advice that’s backed by employment law specialists

For more than 30 years, Citation Legal’s experienced team has worked in partnership with our clients to deliver carefully structured outcomes aimed at minimising the adverse effects of workforce restructuring. Often businesses rely on legal advisors for the implementation of restructuring decisions, which can sometimes be daunting from employers. Not only can Citation Legal assist with the decision-making process, but we can also assist with the implementation of the decision to restructure. From drafting communications to employees, and navigating award compliance, to advising on processing reviews for current and former staff, and litigation support if necessary – these are just some of the ways we can assist your business.

Comprehensive workplace relations advice all in one place

Transitioning to new business models and changing working environments can lead to tricky situations. Our workplace relations experts offer advice on all aspects of the restructuring process including decision-making, separation strategies, drafting communications, and handing claims such as unfair dismissal and general protections claims.

Helping you understand and navigate your restructuring obligations

Economic conditions influence business strategies for cost reduction and business operation improvement. Citation Legal can help minimise any potential risk, ensure directors remain in control, and that the plan is accepted from the top down.

Understanding your legal requirements when it comes to undertaking workforce restructuring is essential for business owners. So, whether you require advocacy and litigation representation or assistance in minimising risk to your business, our specialists are ready to help.

Got burning questions? We’ve got answers

The difference between a turnaround and restructure vs an insolvency and restructure is that turnarounds are pre-insolvency and informal actions that are taken by the business to keep the business functional and operational whereas insolvency and restructure is a series of formal insolvency processes that work together to help a business that’s in severe financial distress.

Businesses that undergo a company restructure or restructuring process aim to revamp their legal, ownership, operational, and other key elements. The intention behind this is to boost profits, enhance business efficiency, and cut down costs in line with the current business needs.

Corporate restructure or restructuring is the corporate management term for the process of reorganising the legal, ownership, operational, and other key elements of a company to improve profits, create a more streamlined and efficient business to meet current needs, and lower costs.