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For over 30 years, the team at Citation Legal has worked with businesses to resolve disputes arising in the workplace and in employment relationships.

Our team of lawyers have significant experience representing our clients in Courts and Tribunals and have represented clients in key litigious disputes in Australian employment law.

Mediation services for successful resolution

Alternative dispute resolution strategies including mediation are often an important tool in resolving workplace disputes and complaints. Citation Legal provides mediation services with accredited mediators to maximise the prospect of successful resolution before disputes become more costly and operationally burdensome for businesses.

Proven track record

Irrespective of the nature or stage of the dispute, our experts are available to provide advice or representation as you navigate the dispute resolution process. Our proven track record in advising and representing our clients through disputes, including those that end up in a Court or Tribunal, extends over 30 years.

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In Australia, both the employee and employer have rights in the workplace. When it comes to employer rights in Australia, employers have a responsibility to provide safe working conditions for every employee in the business. All rights and responsibilities are outlined in relevant laws and legislation including the National Employment Standards and Fair Work Act 2009.

Workplace litigation is a broad area of the law that involves unfair dismissal, discrimination, and adverse action claims. Employees and employers can engage in workplace litigation with the assistance of specialist workplace litigation lawyers.

An unfair dismissal lawyer is a professional lawyer who specialises in workplace or employment law and who can be retained by both employees or employers to defend or prosecute an unfair dismissal claim.

Workplace litigation mitigation refers to both the employee and employer taking deliberate, positive steps towards lessening the impacts that dismissal will have on both parties by seeking to come to a resolution or agreement in the matter.

To lodge a claim for unfair dismissal, employees need to follow the information and guidance found on the Fair Work Commission website. The form found on this website allows you to make a claim, provide all the evidence required, and start the process of resolving the dispute with your employer. Certain requirements must be met such as submitting your claim within the time-limits provided.

Citation Legal has been working with businesses for over 30 years and can support yours. For business owners, there’s so much that must be remembered, managed, and handled day in day out, so when workplace issues happen, understanding the legal requirements around them is a must. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with poor performance, unfair dismissal or have questions about the minimum employment period in an employment contract, our team of seasoned workplace law specialists can help.

From unfair dismissal applications and general protections claims to modern award and enterprise agreement assistance, workplace litigation covers a wide range of employment issues. At Citation Legal, our experts have your workplace litigation needs covered.

Citation Legal can work with your business across an array of workplace issues and can provide general workplace legal advice across all employment issues including workers’ compensation and constructive dismissal.