ISO 27001 Vs 27002: What’s the difference?

In an era of escalating digital threats, understanding the roles of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 in developing robust Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) is crucial. This blog explores how each standard enhances your organisation's security posture.
ISO 27001 Vs 27002: What’s the difference?

Delving into the realms of information security and the fascinating world of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 certifications. Both are pivotal in sculpting robust Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), but they serve unique roles within the landscape of standards for information security management. Let’s look deeper into iso 27001 vs 27002, the difference between iso 27001 and 27002, and how each can elevate your organisation’s security posture.


What is ISO 27001?

Part of the esteemed ISO 27000 series, ISO 27001 stands as the cornerstone for implementing an ISMS that safeguards your organisation’s precious information. This international management standard is not just about ticking off compliance checkboxes; it’s about embracing a systematic approach to manage information security. From conducting a risk assessment to identify and prioritise threats to implementing controls tailored to your organisation’s needs, to certify to ISO 27001 is a testament to your commitment to security management excellence.


What is ISO 27002?

Imagine ISO 27002 as your trusted guide through the dense forest of security controls. While ISO 27001 lays out the what, ISO 27002 delves into the how, offering a detailed compilation of best practices for selecting, implementing, and managing information security controls. It’s the go-to resource for organisations looking to enhance their ISMS implementation, providing clarity and direction on the journey towards robust information security.


ISO 27001 vs. ISO 27002: Unpacking the differences

While ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 are often mentioned in the same breath, they serve distinct purposes. ISO/IEC 27001:2022 is the blueprint for your ISMS, demanding a rigorous risk assessment process to shield your organisation against information security threats. It’s the key to unlocking ISO 27001 certification, a badge of honor that showcases your dedication to managing information security.

In contrast, ISO 27002 acts as a comprehensive advisor, enriching your understanding of effective security controls without the direct path to certification. It complements ISO 27001 by illuminating the specifics of each control, making it an invaluable resource for organisations aiming to fortify their security measures.


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