What is the Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (AACB) & what do they do?

The AACB (Association of Accredited Certification Bodies) is an industry association which represents accredited certification bodies across a wide range of certification markets.
What is the Association of Accredited Certification Bodies (AACB) & what do they do?

The organisation assists its members by promoting accredited certification, liaising with accreditation bodies on their behalf, and supporting the continual improvement of certification schemes and regulatory frameworks to drive the best possible outcome for members.

At QMS, we’re a member of the AACB. Our own Gerry Bonner is the chairman, offering his years of experience and expertise whilst encouraging members to contribute and share information.

Their goal is to become the voice of accredited certification bodies.

But what are the benefits of the AACB and how does the AACB relate to your business? In this blog, we dive deeper into the AACB so you have a better understanding of what it is we do.

What is the mission of the AACB?

The AACB aims to ensure accredited certification of management systems, products, and personnel is understood, accepted, and valued by key stakeholders like government bodies, industry associations, and public or private organisations.

The AACB has established professional relationships between members, shares important information with members, and facilitates improvement throughout the industry.


Why should I work with an AACB member like QMS?

JAS-ANZ (the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand) does not certify organisations, products, or people. Instead, they accredit certification bodies like us.

As AACB members, we must demonstrate our commitment to our clients. Because of this, we consistently strive to deliver a high level of service.

Plus, we meet with the AACB and JAS-ANZ on a regular basis to discuss the latest news and developments in the industry. We are well-informed and represent accreditation with integrity.


Why do AACB members want to be accredited?

Accreditation is not mandatory – but it is certainly desirable for businesses like ours.

Accreditation is internationally recognised and sends a clear message to our clients.

It says we have been approved by an independent third-party to perform our duties in an authoritative, professional, and impartial manner.

At QMS, we’re accredited because:

  • It highlights our competence and credibility
  • It shows our clients we have achieved international recognition with the worldwide accreditation organisations JAS-ANZ has formal arrangements with
  • It enables us to benchmark ongoing performance against relevant standards
  • It informs our clients that we have met the highest level of assessment and professionalism in the industry
  • It flags our ability to meet mandatory regulatory requirements
  • It strengthens our ability to compete overall in a market where non–accredited certification bodies purport to offer the same service as accredited certification bodies.

We’re committed to delivering the best possible services to our clients. To do this, we consistently review and improve our business practices based on the AACB and other developments in the industry – the same way you might improve your business after being certified by QMS.

Through the AACB, we have an even more intimate understanding of the value of certification.

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