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What is GWO Training Certification?

The Global Wind Organisation also known as GWO in the wind industry, is the gold standard for competence and safety. The GWO-accredited certification that Citation Certification provides satisfies the strictest training requirements established by the international wind safety community.

A wide range of capabilities essential for people working at heights or in and around wind turbines, are covered by GWO certification.

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Why Citation Certification?

Citation Certification will bring over 30 years of experience through the merging of Best Practice Certification and QMS Certification Services – two of Australia’s most respected accredited certification bodies. This proven track record in JAS-ANZ accredited certification services sets up Citation Certification to be your trusted partner on the road to GWO certification.

Maintaining a simple and effective approach, our continued commitment to business excellence and in-depth understanding of management system standards set us apart from the rest.

We work with businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve their strategic goals – think of us as your Business Pit Crew – we’re there for you at the ready to support you on your journey to success. And. we’re all about making the whole process simple and hassle-free.

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The Citation Certification difference

  • Feel at ease – our team is personable, friendly, local, and supportive.
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  • Citation Certification is part of the Citation Group. Access additional workplace compliance resources to support your business.

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Got burning questions? We’ve got answers.

The organisation known as GWO, or Global Wind Organisation, is a globally renowned entity that establishes the strictest safety and competency requirements for professionals operating in the wind energy industry.

Being a certified GWO Training Provider is a mark of excellence, proving that they provide quality training courses that meet GWO’s strict requirements for certification. It addresses crucial elements that guarantee a safe working environment in the wind energy sector, including working at heights, fire safety, manual handling, and more.

The cost of GWO training certification varies according to the particular modules that you would like to offer as a training provider.  The investment shows the dedication to guaranteeing workplace safety and fulfilling industry certification requirements.

A GWO’s certification is valid for two years. In order to renew their certification and stay current with safety standards, GWO training providers must complete a recertification after this time.

GWO delivers a range of modules that address various facets of safety in the wind energy industry. Among these is Basic Safety Training (BST), which covers first aid, manual handling, working at heights, and fire awareness. Additional specialised modules cover particular industry challenges and guarantee that professionals have a wide range of skills.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Certification is for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that provide safety training, most often working at heights training, and the RTO would like to provide safety training to the wind turbine industry.