Can you implement ISO 9001 without a consultant?

A simple answer is yes; you can implement ISO 9001 without a consultant.
Can you implement ISO 9001 without a consultant?

Anybody with the relevant experience can implement the quality management system in their organisations. The goal of ISO 9001 certification is to help you stay competitive in the ever-changing world of business, improve your organisation management, and ensure your products and services meet customer needs.

Implementing ISO 9001:2015 also allows you to display your commitment to the highest universal quality standards. Fortunately, this standard can be implemented in any organisation, no matter the size and industry.

When business owners are required to implement ISO 9001:2015, they may lack the necessary internal skills and resources to do so on their own. For most businesses, the most practical solution may be hiring an ISO consultant.

Do you really need to consult?

Generally, different organisations have varying motivations for obtaining certification. You should consider your company’s drive before deciding whether to hire an ISO consultant or face it alone.

Remember that a wrong decision can fail to produce the desired results or cost you more down the line. Suppose the implementing reason is external, and there is limited knowledge regarding ISO 9001 and there is a tight deadline. In that case, hiring a consultant with the right experience makes sense.

The worst part of hiring a consultant

When you pay a consultant to help implement ISO 9001, it’s obvious they’re supposed to take care of every detail of the implementation process, including handling the paperwork and internal audit process.

While this is a quick way to get your certificate on the wall, it gives a false sense of security. But the problem here is that there is no understanding from quality managers or employees, so you will have to depend on the consultant to save the day in the subsequent audits.

The benefits of hiring a consultant

As a small business owner, you should hire a consultant who will build capacity in your company by training and equipping your employees with the knowledge to understand how the ISO 9001 standard works. The best place to start is the top management; they should know their role in establishing the company’s intended results, company context, and meeting the requirements.

You should then select a team of trained implementers to go through the implementation phases with monitoring and guidance from the consultant. This team will also partner with the consultant to quickly prepare an effective ISO 9001 compliant system.

How Citation Certification can help

The decision to hire or not hire a consultant during ISO 9001 implementation lies in organisational needs. Every company is different in size, culture, goals, and purpose, and whatever course of action you choose should suit your company best.

If you have questions or need help implementing ISO 9001:2015 or getting ISO 9001 Certification, the team at Citation Certification can assist. Contact us to learn more about our ISO services.

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