Ecommerce industry certification

Achieving ISO certification can significantly enhance your ecommerce business by improving product quality and customer trust. Discover how Citation Certification can guide you through a seamless certification process to boost your credibility and efficiency in the competitive online marketplace.
Ecommerce industry certification

Complying with international standards is a critical step towards creating and running a successful Ecommerce business. If you’re keen on the quality of your Ecommerce business, customers will feel more inclined to purchase from your company. However, obtaining new customers and retaining existing ones can be challenging. Luckily, with ISO certification, you can improve the quality of your products and services, resulting in improved customer retention and acquisition.

At Citation Certification, we offer quality ISO certification services to ensure you build your E-commerce business based on professionalism, competency, and excellence. If you need assistance to prepare for ISO compliance and acquire your certification, we’re your go-to solution.

What ISO certification do e-commerce companies need?

We understand that the implementation of ISO standards can be a bit tricky for your E-commerce business. For this reason, we take pride in keeping ISO implementation and management simple for organisations like yours. Some of the certifications you can obtain for your E-commerce business include:


ISO 9001 (Quality)

The success of your E-commerce business depends on the quality of your products and services. ISO 9001 aims at establishing a quality management system to monitor all departments and activities of your business. With the necessary support from your employees and other stakeholders, you’ll enjoy increased productivity, better internal management, and consistent, measurable results.

If you want to provide goods that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations, ISO 9001:2015 can get you there. This quality management system standard involves reviewing and enhancing the structures, procedures, and responsibilities within an organisation to deliver quality products and services.


ISO 27001 (Information Security)

Cyber attacks and data breaches are some of the concerns affecting most E-commerce businesses. Keeping critical information like customers’ personal data is an essential step towards successfully operating an E-commerce company. ISO 27001 outlines the best practices to achieve a robust information security management system.

At Citation Certification, we will equip you with adequate training to manage information security risks as you establish a strong information management system. This way, you can safeguard your brand image and protect employees’ and customers’ information.


ISO 14001 (Environmental)

ISO 14001 stipulates guidelines organisations should follow to achieve effective environmental management systems. This international standard assures customers, employees, and the management team that the E-commerce company’s impact on the environment is measured and improved. ISO 14001 certification helps your company be more resource-efficient, reduce waste, cut down costs, and improve customer and stakeholder trust.


The 3 steps to getting your ISO certification

Citation Certification is here to support you in becoming ISO certified for your ecommerce company in 3 simple steps:


Bonus step: Optional gap analysis

This is an optional step offered by Citation Certification to evaluate your existing systems and identify any faults that you need to correct.

We perform this analysis before beginning the 3-stage certification process, to allow you time to prepare and correct any issues that could prevent you from getting certified.


Step 1: Stage 1 assessment

Evaluating your management system documentation, from the policies to the processes, review records, scope and context, and system implementation.


Step 2: Stage 2 assessment

Then, we will verify that all the documented requirements are properly implemented across the entire business. One of our assessors will participate in discussions with key players from your company remotely to establish if the requirements have been properly implemented.


Step 3: Certification

When the stage 2 assessment is complete, we will issue you a ‘Statement of Certification’ that confirms your e-commerce company is compliant with the international ISO standard.

The certification is valid for three years, starting from the date of issue, but you will need to go through surveillance assessments at least once every 12 months to maintain it.


Why work with Citation Certification?

  • We care about your business – We have an experienced team of experts who will check your ISO compliance and provide helpful quality management insights to achieve the required standards.
  • Customer satisfaction – Our priority is to equip our customers with information, a solid plan to implement the standards, and a legitimate certification to demonstrate compliance.
  • We are global – Whether you’re in Asia, Australia, Canada, or any part of the world, we’re here to guide you through every step of your ISO certification journey. Our certification services will ensure your business can effectively compete in the global marketplace.
  • We’re accredited – Citation Certification is a JAS-ANZ accredited institution, which means that we’re up to the task of offering quality ISO training and support services.
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