How to become an ISO auditor

Looking to become an ISO auditor and advance your career? Discover the essential steps and training needed to become an expert in ISO standards and ensure your organisation stays compliant and efficient.
How to become an ISO auditor

Are you passionate about becoming an ISO auditor for your organisation or third-party certification bodies? Auditing as a career offers endless possibilities and provides insights into how businesses and financial markets operate.


What is the role of an internal ISO auditor?

An ISO auditor provides independent and objective assessments of financial and operational activities. Internal auditors ensure that business processes and production systems comply with relevant ISO standards. Essentially, they identify and address issues before external audits and offer recommendations to senior management for regulatory compliance.

To become a professional ISO auditor, you need training on various standards and best practices, including ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS), and other international standards.


Steps to becoming an auditor

Seek training

Begin by taking audit training to gain the knowledge and skills needed for internal audits. Understand the ISO standards and the specific standard you’ll audit against. For instance, a QMS professional should take ISO 9001 lead auditor training, while OH&S officers and management system managers should train in their areas of specialisation.


Attend all training sessions

Ensure you attend all classes once enrolled in a training course. Missing sessions could result in being left out of the final exam. If unavoidable circumstances arise, reschedule missed modules.


Complete the final exams

Complete all required continuous and summative assessments. After passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate of achievement, advancing your career.


Gain auditing experience

Post-training, build your auditing experience by working with your company’s audit team. Gain exposure to ISO standards, learn auditing techniques, and develop essential skills.


Enrol in an ISO auditing training course with Citation Certification

Interested in learning about ISO internal audits? Enrol with Citation Certification to start your training from the comfort of your home. Our internal audit training provides comprehensive skills for conducting internal and external audits. Learn how to assess, plan, conduct ISO audits, and report findings. Register for the ISO auditor course today to get started.

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