Rod Marshall

Partner and Solicitor – Accredited Specialist (Employment & Industrial Law – NSW)

Rod is a Partner and Solicitor with Citation Legal and is an accredited specialist in workplace and employment law. Based in our Sydney office, he has extensive experience in a wide range of industrial and employment-related issues, both as an advisor and as an advocate. He has particular experience in advising clients operating in the hospitality and leisure, manufacturing and transport sectors.

Rod’s experience of working both as a workplace relations consultant and as a lawyer means he is particularly adept at identifying practical solutions for managing complex employment structures. His areas of expertise include:

  • Developing, negotiating and implementing enterprise agreements and individual contracts.
  • Devising enterprise bargaining strategies.
  • Managing and resolving complex industrial disputes and claims.
  • Advising on change management, workforce planning, restructuring and transfer of business issues.
  • Defending unfair dismissal and unfair contract claims.
  • Managing discrimination and harassment complaints.
  • Managing injured workers.
  • Conducting employment-related investigations.
  • Advising on workplace compliance issues.

When working with a business client for the first time, Rod takes the time to understand both the broad needs of the business itself and the more immediate needs of the person or business unit he is working with. He then devises a solution, based on appropriate workplace relations and legal strategies, that best meets all those needs.

If he is working with an individual, he focuses on understanding their goals, motivations and underlying concerns in order to develop a strategy for achieving the outcomes they are seeking.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (University of Sydney).
  • Graduate Diploma (Industrial Relations and HR Management) (University of Sydney)
  • Juris Doctor (University of Technology Sydney)