Architecture industry certification

Unlock the potential of your architecture firm with ISO certification, enhancing your operations and ensuring industry compliance. Explore the straightforward steps to achieve certification and the myriad benefits it offers for your business's efficiency and reputation.
Architecture industry certification

Whether you are already established in the architecture industry or looking to enter this rapidly growing sector, certification can significantly boost your business. ISO certification is a powerful tool that helps implement robust management systems across various operations, enabling you to deliver consistent service and build a solid reputation.

By becoming ISO certified, architecture firms can enhance their operations, continually improve their products and services to achieve customer satisfaction, increase profitability, and ensure that their projects, designs, and procedures comply with necessary regulations.

ISO certification for Architecture companies

While there are numerous ISO certificates, architecture firms are encouraged to implement the following:


ISO 55001: Asset Management System

This standard is developed to help organisations manage their assets effectively and responsibly throughout their life cycle. ISO 55001 certification will provide your architecture firm with the requirements to implement, manage, and improve your asset management system. As a JAS-ANZ-approved Certification Body, Citation Certification offers ISO 55001 certification through in-house consultations or electronic audits.


ISO 9001: Quality Management System

ISO 9001 certifications allow your architecture company to provide the most efficient products and services for enhanced customer satisfaction. Furthermore, having an efficient Quality Management System helps demonstrate that your company is committed to the client experience.


ISO 14001: Environmental Management

Architects and architecture companies must always show commitment to sustainability and the environment. ISO 14001 for environmental management can help you adopt sustainability in all departments of your company, including improved waste management, reduced energy consumption, and promoting recycling. This standard provides a series of standards that help you monitor and control your environmental impact.


ISO 27001: Information Security Management

Implementing ISO 27001 in your architecture firm can help keep your information assets confidential and secure. This standard is designed to give your business a framework that safeguards your customer and information assets to ensure your business thrives in an environment full of information security risks.


ISO 45001: Safety Management System

This international standard is developed to optimise your company’s occupational and safety efforts. By becoming ISO 45001 certified, you demonstrate that your architecture firm adheres to the best health and safety practices that help enhance performance while keeping your workers safe.


The 3 Steps To Getting Your ISO Certification

Citation Certification is here to support you in getting your ISO Certificate for your construction company in 3 simple steps:


Bonus Step: Optional Gap Analysis

This optional step offered by Citation Certification evaluates your existing systems and identifies any faults that need correction. We perform this analysis before beginning the 3-stage certification process, allowing you time to prepare and correct any issues that could prevent you from getting certified.


Step 1: Stage 1 Assessment

Our experts will analyse your management system documentation, including existing processes and policies. We’ll also evaluate your system implementation, records, and scope & context.


Step 2: Stage 2 Assessment

The second phase of assessment involves conducting an E-Audit to verify that the requirements are correctly implemented across every department of your company. Then, one of our experts will discuss with your team to determine if the requirements have been effectively implemented.


Step 3: Certification

Once we ensure that you meet the requirements, Citation Certification will give you “a Statement of Certification” to prove that your architecture company conforms to the international ISO standard. The certification is valid for three years, starting from the date of issue, but you will need to undergo surveillance assessments at least once every 12 months to maintain it.

Certification made simple

Citation Certification is a JAS-ANZ accredited agency for ISO certification. We can help your architecture company get all five ISO certifications to improve your operations. In addition to certification, we provide solid support to help you improve your performance and management system for increased profitability.

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