Food and hospitality industry certification

Achieving consistency and optimising the quality of products and services is essential in the hospitality sector. At Citation Certification, we offer the ISO certification services for businesses in Hospitality that will improve performance, achieve legal compliance and stay ahead of the competition. We will offer training and regularly audit your hospitality company against ISO standards.
Food and hospitality industry certification

The food and hospitality industries are particularly sensitive to safety as well as environmental and social responsibility.


Certification means business

Ensuring you have the correct quality controls in place will not only benefit your whole workforce, it will ensure compliance with other organisations.

Certification not only ensures environmental standards such as waste management, recycling and energy conservation are maintained, it protects your brand reputation.

Quality standards also assist in delivering higher levels of client satisfaction.


Food and hospitality industry certification simplified

With over 25 years of experience and an unrivalled reputation built on first-class service and competitive pricing, Citation Certification has guided hundreds of food and hospitality businesses through the complexities of certification – making the whole process as simple and streamlined as possible.


Which ISO Standards Are For The Hospitality Industry?


ISO 9001: Quality

The ISO 9001 certification allows you to establish a robust Quality Management System for your business. At Citation Certification, we begin each ISO certification project with your quality management system end goals in mind. When you reach out to us for ISO 9001 certification services, you will work with a certified and dedicated team with a wealth of experience in ISO 9001 training, auditing, and certification.


ISO 14001: Environment

we believe that every organisation in the hospitality sector should demonstrate dedication to environmental sustainability. Our ISO 14001 allows you to establish a robust environmental management system (EMS). Once you obtain the certification, you will efficiently deal with changing environmental situations. We have the resources to ensure you adopt the best practices to reduce waste, achieve legal compliance, and gain a competitive advantage. Besides, you will also enjoy reduced insurance costs.


ISO 22000: Food Safety standard

ISO 22000 allows hotel businesses to identify and mitigate food safety management hazards. With the certification, you can demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to providing food safety for human consumption.


ISO 45001: Occupational Health & Safety

The ISO 45001 shows your hotel business’ commitment to establishing a robust occupational health and safety management system. We will offer guidelines to reduce unsafe or improper usage of hazardous chemicals. Besides, we will equip your team with the knowledge they need to avoid ineffectual safety standards that expose your employees to violence from guests and other stakeholders.

Certification made simple

Obtaining an ISO certification is an excellent way to ensure you improve the quality of products and services offered in your hospitality business. Feel free to contact the friendly team at Citation Certification if you want to learn more about our ISO certification services. We are committed to offering exceptional service to help you achieve your goals faster.

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