“High” performance: navigating medicinal cannabis in the workplace

Rod Marshall, Partner at Citation Legal, delves into the new and complex issue of navigating medicinal cannabis in the workplace.
“High” performance: navigating medicinal cannabis in the workplace

Medicinal cannabis is a relatively new and complex issue that is affecting a wide range of employers and industries, and, understandably, there is uncertainty about how employers should address it. While cannabis use can offer effective relief from certain medical conditions, its psychoactive effects raise legitimate concerns about potential impairment and risks to both the user and others in the workplace.

Potential safety and productivity risks associated with the use of medicinal cannabis in the workplace are understandably a point of significant concern for businesses. With medicinal cannabis prescription rates in Australia on the rise, and the drug being prescribed for a wider range of medical conditions, businesses need to ensure that employees are fully aware of the safety protocols.

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About our author

Rod Marshall is a Partner and Solicitor with Citation Legal and is an accredited specialist in workplace and employment law. Based in our Sydney office, he has extensive experience in a wide range of industrial and employment-related issues, both as an advisor and as an advocate. He has particular experience in advising clients operating in the hospitality and leisure, manufacturing and transport sectors.

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