How this automotive fulfilment business drove continual improvement, attaining 4 ISO certifications

It’s been nearly a decade since AutoNexus chose Citation Certification to obtain its suite of ISO certifications – a feat that can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a genuine commitment to continuous improvement.
How this automotive fulfilment business drove continual improvement, attaining 4 ISO certifications

AutoNexus is the end-to-end, premium automotive fulfilment and logistics partner of choice for businesses across Australia. As part of a global automotive company, Inchcape, AutoNexus is Powering Better Mobility by offering tailored services to support the unique automotive needs of their clients. With operations spanning 12 sites in 5 Australian states, AutoNexus is supported by a team of over 400 people.

It’s been close to a decade since AutoNexus chose Citation Certification to obtain its suite of ISO certifications – a feat that can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a genuine commitment to continuous improvement.

The AutoNexus sites at Greystanes in New South Wales and Eagle Farm in Queensland are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OH&S), and most recently, ISO 45003 Psychological Safety Management System. In addition, the AutoNexus sites at Mulgrave and Moorebank are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).

We sat down with John Hemingway, Regional HSE Manager for Inchcape APAC, to discuss AutoNexus’ experience with Citation Certification and why they chose to obtain certification in ISO 45003.

What is ISO 45003?

ISO 45003 is the first global standard that provides thorough guidance for businesses on managing the intricacies of psychological health in the workplace. The standard, only introduced in 2021, is the newest ISO standard and works in conjunction with the ISO 45001 standard occupational health and safety management system.

Why a mentally strong workforce is a win-win

Within all Inchcape businesses, including AutoNexus, Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) stands as a top priority. Embedded in the company’s culture and values is the principle of prioritising the holistic wellbeing of their people, encompassing not just the physical aspects of WHS but also their psychological health. From its senior leaders down to its employees, the company recognises the real benefits of a mentally healthy workforce and has dedicated resources to ensuring everyone who works at AutoNexus is supported to be their best, at work and in their personal lives.

So, what are the benefits of ISO 45003 that AutoNexus are now reaping? The systems put in place help contribute to enhanced worker engagement, improved colleague retention, reduced absenteeism, and a safer more productive workplace where both the business and its employees are mutually benefiting from this certification.

When we spoke to Regional HSE Manager, John Hemingway, he told us: “At AutoNexus, we’re constantly searching, innovating, and going beyond to find a better way forward; not just for our clients, but for our people too. With our continuous improvement culture, we’re constantly looking for ways we can better promote employee wellbeing, support our team, and build critical resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

“The global commitment Inchcape, and in turn AutoNexus, has to our people, the planet, and robust practices only strengthens our duty to look after the wellbeing of each of our employees. Our policies and procedures help us live up to these commitments and make sure every person both feels safe and is safe at work. We make sure they are able to raise concerns, doubts and fears – and that we listen, take action and help them when needed, so we can support not only their physical safety, but their mental health and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s our Code of Conduct, reporting frameworks, or whistleblowing processes, certification helps us ensure we’re continually improving them.”

From an Employee Assistance Program available to employees and close family members to over 140 topics covered within a resource archive known as the ‘Library of Wellness’, AutoNexus’ commitment to driving what matters genuinely shines through.

Powering genuine partnerships

When asked why AutoNexus has chosen to work with Citation Certification for close to 10 years, John told us: “The collaborative relationship we’ve developed with Citation Certification has turned into a true partnership where our business needs are holistically understood and supported.

“Citation Certification’s training courses have aided us in reacting aptly and advancing our systems incrementally in line with proper frameworks and guidelines, aligned with our culture of continuous improvement.”

All clients of Citation Certification can access eight complimentary courses designed to help businesses prepare for an audit. This, along with our continued commitment to business excellence and in-depth understanding of management system standards, set us apart from the rest. Our friendly, local, and supportive team is dedicated to delivering high-quality customer care and is available to guide clients through the certification process.

Walking the walk with effective communication

One of the first steps in implementing or transitioning an ISO management system within a business is comparing the current management system with the ISO requirements, and communication is one of those needs.

The importance of effective communication strategies and creating a strong safety culture with employees was discussed by John when he shared: “Notably, a significant portion of our workforce isn’t confined to desks, which naturally poses a challenge in ensuring consistent communication reaches all team members. We addressed this by introducing Toolbox Talks in 2013; sessions where site managers and team supervisors engage with colleagues to emphasise vital safety topics, set targets, and address concerns.

“Our structured approach to WHS ensures prompt action upon issue identification, with a fundamental emphasis on encouraging team members to report problems—because we can’t resolve what we’re unaware of. Following up and solving issues is ingrained in our system, not merely an expectation but an encouraged practice, and we share stories of actions taken across the business to support our continued safety culture.”

The business has built an incredibly supportive environment and worked tirelessly to ingrain its expectations of a safety-first and continuous improvement culture within all levels of the business. And ISO management systems, especially ISO 45003, have been a key piece of this journey.

Citation Certification have experienced experts who can lead you towards achieving ISO certification

Our team of experts has successfully guided thousands of businesses on reaching their ISO certification goals. Our auditors are committed to delivering exceptional audit outcomes that add significant value to your organisation and implement best-practice processes.

Is your business ready to get certified? Want to know more about ISO 45003? Reach out to our trusted and experienced team at Citation Certification to have a confidential chat about your needs.



AutoNexus is the market leader in integrated, omni-channel automotive fulfilment solutions, offering bespoke services tailored to meet their customers’ needs, delivered with an unwavering focus on quality, expertise, and exceptional customer service. With sites nationwide, AutoNexus is the premium fulfilment partner of choice for businesses across Australia. AutoNexus’ offering encompasses fleet conversions, refurbishment, and maintenance in addition to vehicle logistics, parts warehousing, accessory fitment, transport, aftermarket products, pre-delivery inspections and distribution and inventory management services for several of Australia’s leading automotive brands. Discover more at .

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