What is the impact of ISO 9001 in today’s business?

For companies that are striving to improve their level of customer service, ISO 9001 is the gold standard. In this blog, we’ll examine ISO 9001 and how this international quality standard can improve business services and take your customer service to the next level through quality and consistency of services across the board.
What is the impact of ISO 9001 in today’s business?

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is the latest iteration of the standard applied to Quality Management Systems (QMS) – a macrocosm of all processes, values, assets, and products that apply to the efficiency and customer service within a company.

ISO 9001 is a standard of quality assurance. It offers a framework for organisations to follow that ensures that products and services consistently meet the expectations and requirements of both customers and any other interested parties.


What ISO 9001 does

  • Defines guiding principles for streamlining organisational processes
  • Opens doors to markets that require an ISO 9001 certification
  • Regularly reviews and updates standards for a global marketplace
  • Provides context planning under the model of risk-based thinking

What ISO 9001 does not do

  • Offer certifications. (These are available from independent certifications bodies)
  • Dictate objectives or business processes

ISO 9001 quality is one of two significant standards for an organisation. (The other, ISO 14001, applies mainly to environmental management).

What are the benefits of ISO 9001 certification?

Keep in mind, certification is not a requirement for operation but rather a standard that helps companies maintain their business practices. By following ISO practices, your organisation will run more smoothly, with a more efficient workflow and management process.

However, in certain markets, there is an increase in client demand for ISO 9001 certification. These include Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Technology.

ISO certification is also a watchword for customer satisfaction. Having this certification signals a dedication to continual improvement within a company and a standard of excellence for customer service. This reputation can help drive your numbers.

What documentation do I need for ISO 9001 certification?

The amount of documentation required for certification depends largely on the complexity of your business. The documents are the same for every company, but the amount of information needed for each will vary. These include:

  • Quality Policy
  • Scope of QMS
  • Quality Objectives
  • Criteria for Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers
  • Quality Manual (Useful, not mandatory)
  • Documented Procedures

What can I expect with ISO 9001 certification?

To meet the requirements for certification, your company will need to adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and be examined by a qualified third party. Once certified, you will have to undergo occasional audits by an outside company. These audits will test procedures and management systems and ensure that employees are following them to standard.

Much of this streamlining and qualification assessment will be the purview of a professional outside company. They will help structure everything to the proper standards and assist in continuing adherence.

Certification made simple

While ISO 9001 is not a requirement for any organisation to follow, it creates a positive impact on the management environment, as well as the overall success of a company. Certification takes it a step further by making business with you an attractive prospect to both customers and other businesses. Get in touch with Citation Certification to find out more about ISO certifications and how they can best serve your organisation.

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